"5K My Way" Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Witches Wear Pink cannot hold its regular cocktail event this year. However, breast cancer doesn’t stop for pandemics and we recognize that in addition to fighting breast cancer many people are also experiencing financial hardship. So breast cancer patients need our help more than ever. So please join us in the “5K My Way” Challenge!  


MOVE 5. Walk, Hike, Bike, Run, Ski. Choose your 5K activity. We would love to see your progress. Stay safe and have fun! Don’t forget to take a selfie or video of yourself doing the challenge and post it on Facebook and Instagram.

Do your best and know that you are staying healthy and enjoying the outdoors while supporting breast cancer. There’s no time limit and if you can’t complete the challenge, no worries.

Copy and paste the paragraph below to your facebook or instagram with your “5K My Way” selfie. Don’t forget to customize your activity and tag 5 friends!

Join me in the Witches Wear Pink “5K My Way” Challenge and help support those impacted by breast cancer. I have chosen to [5k activity] my way while enjoying the outdoors and staying healthy. Today I nominate [names, tag and tag wwp] to join the challenge. Have fun, stay safe and don’t forget those selfies! #witcheswearpink, #witches5kmyway, #selfieselfcare, www.witcheswearpink.org.

DONATE 10. Donate $10. Your donation is creating a supportive future for those affected by breast cancer.  Proceeds support early detection, easy access to treatment, preventative care medicine, post surgical care, nutrition, healing, wellbeing and research.

NOMINATE 5. Tag 5 friends, family members or business partners on social media to complete the “5K My Way” Challenge.

Celebrate the present; Change the future!

Feel free to be part of our challenge as many times as you’d like.